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ChessCentral offers the latest in chess teaching tools for beginning chess players, in addition to free articles with chess rules and strategy for playing better chess games. You'll discover a world of chess software downloads for beginners and chess videos on DVD for kids, or sturdy chess sets and plastic chess pieces for young hands just beginning at chess. Fairly priced and quickly delivered, ChessCentral is your home for the best in chess equipment for kids and beginners, covering all that new chess players needs for a firm foundation in the game of chess. Besides chess beginner software, chess sets for kids and chess DVD videos for beginners, ChessCentral offers a free in-depth chess KnowledgeBase, plus online resources for beginners at chess like the ChessExchange forum for help questions and our FreeChessArea for chess articles, free chess beginner downloads and more. Our online chess shop provides everything needed to help you learn how to play chess games.

Chess for Beginners at ChessCentral

If you're about to take the first step in learning to play chess, then ChessCentral is where you start! Adults want to learn chess every day, and some choose a good beginner's chess book while others prefer chess DVDs aimed at starting chess players or chess software designed for beginners at chess. Whatever the medium, you'll find that improving one's chess skill can be fun with ChessCentral's wide selection of chess teaching tools especially for you - classic books for adult chess beginners, videos on DVD with chess lessons or chess training software for beginners.

At some point every chess beginner will want a starter chess set, handy for friendly and tournament chess games, and to follow along while reading chess books for beginners. New chess players can also relax on the couch with a beginner's chess DVD in the television, and enjoy multimedia chess videos on the rules of chess or chess strategy for beginners or basic chess endgames - entertainment while learning chess! Chess software for beginners is preferred by many who are learning to play chess, perhaps with formal lectures and chess tutorials, and chess beginners can even download chess software and chess e-books made for beginning chess players. Shop online at ChessCentral for all these and more!

Chess for Children at ChessCentral

Teaching kids to play chess has never been easier! ChessCentral offers a variety of chess learning tools that show kids how to play chess, from books on chess to kid-friendly chess software to rugged chess sets for those famous Dad versus son chess games! You'll find chess movies on DVD for kids and family fun, and even chess awards and chess medals for schools and chess tournaments. Chess instruction for older children is available, with more formal chess lectures and chess tutorials featuring chess strategy and proper methods of chess play. Whether for kids just starting to learn chess or children improving at chess, you'll find the right chess book, chess software, chess DVD or chess set for kids and beginners at ChessCentral's online shop.

Kids who learn to play chess develop real life skills in planning, decision making, abstract thinking, patience and sportsmanship. Learning to play chess or teaching children the game of chess is rewarding and fun, no matter if gathered around a chess board or watching a kid's chess DVD on TV or reading together a chess book for children. Chess as a family activity is great for improving a kid's mind with critical thinking skills, and chess for kids is fun too - so check the huge selection of chess equipment for kids and beginners at ChessCentral.

ChessCentral provides the best chess equipment for any skill level of chess beginner, kids to adult, from chess books to DVDs about chess strategy, kid-proof chess sets and pieces to chess software for beginners and children too. These carefully chosen items make excellent chess learning tools and offer the chance to lift your child's chess play to a higher level while having fun! We are proud to offer the Internet's widest selection of goods for chess kids and beginners, be it chess software download for beginners or home delivery of a chess set for children - all this and more at ChessCentral's online chess shop!

Featured Products for Chess Beginners

This 10 DVD set, called All Things Chess, is a complete chess course covering basic chess strategy to more advanced tactics, plus chess opening ideas, the theory of chess endgames, and much more. Altogether over 20 hours of chess knowledge presented in a refreshing and authoritative style. Designed for chess players of any moderate strength and below, but also as a planned curriculum of chess studies to improve the beginning student's chess game. From basics to advanced strategy, these 10 chess DVDs include exclusive chess video material designed to be entertaining while helping you get better at chess. Read more!

This award winning chess software program for kids teaches chess in a animated environment like any child's cartoon. There are chess learning stories for your child to follow along with, and tasks for him to solve interactively. Simply insert the CD into a computer drive, start up this great chess software program for kids and know that your child is embarking on a journey that will improve his cognitive thinking while having fun. Soon your child will have learned all the rules of chess - making pawn moves, castling rules, pawn promotion, checkmate, stalemate...everything! - and even understand a bit about chess strategy and tactics! Learning chess helps kids to strengthen problem solving skills, use creative and original thinking, and to make abstract decisions independently. Read more!

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